We care about the environment

Conscious of the environmental theme, we have developed as Uribe & Schwarzkopf a pro ecology concept:

  • International standard for sustainable logistics for building.
  • Minimization of debris during construction.
  • Solid waste management plan.
  • We prioritize the use of light and recyclable materials low ecological impact.
  • Architecture that seeks to minimize the CO2 footprint of edification.
  • Sculptural volume that has sufficient shade to minimize the solar impact on the user.
  • Use of materials with low solar reflectance.
  • Use of clear, colorless glass to ensure the enough lighting.
  • Vegetable jars that clog, filter and reflect the solar radiation; heat on sunny days and
    keep the temperature on cold days; Protect from noise acting as acoustic screens.
  • Green terraces on the surfaces of outdoor spaces which reduce the island heat effect in large cities.
  • Rainwater retention system for irrigation and maintenance of green terraces.
  • Use of native plants.
  • Reuse of 35% gray water that allows us to decrease 33% of the water supply to the public grid.
  • Efficiency in drinking water consumption through safer type toilets.
  • Water heating system with reversible equipment (Heat pumps) that do not emit CO2.
  • Building equipped with motion and lighting sensors LEDs in parking lots and communal areas that reduce energy consumption.
  • Lighting in communal areas by programming of hours.
  • Energy-efficient equipment labeled.
  • Automated system of pressurization and mechanical ventilation.